Does Your Business Need a Website?


There are several reasons you should consider a website for your business!

Businesses of all sizes are holding tighter to their money now than ever before. One reason, they claim, is to wait for the economy to improve before promoting their business.

I pray this won’t offend: But, Such reasoning is impractical. Let’s be real here: Whose going to remember you when your business has closed its doors?

No time is better than now to promote your business with a strong web presence. Here’s why:

1. All Businesses—Especially Yours—Need a Strong Web Presence. We’re no longer living in60s, 70s. Or 80’s! Today’s consumers expect—often demand--a business website, usually searching the web before making a purchase—online or off.

Without a strong web presence, others have difficulty finding you. Fewer people consult phone books these days. Instead, they try to find you on the web. Will you be found?

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