Understanding Organic Search Engine Optimization 101

by Eric Peterson (February 6, 2012) ericpetersongalleries.com


The other day, I received an email from someone wanting to try and sell their search engine optimization (SEO) services to my clients.  I normally ignore these solicitations, but this time, for some reason I responded.

I responded by thanking them for their offer, but my clients weren’t in need of their services.  I explained that I build quality websites that are search engine optimized through every stage of development.  I explained that my sites have very good rankings in the search engines. (I also looked over their website and offered my assistance)

This person responded back, trying to tell me that page optimization is a thing of the past, and that without somebody like them submitting their site every month, my clients were probably getting no traffic.  He also stated that since they sold nothing on their website, they didn’t need traffic.

I conceded that there was indeed a market out there for his services.  But that’s only because there are so many bad sites out there.


SEO in Very Simple Terms...


In very simple terms, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and others send out little robots and spiders to crawl websites, looking for information that would be relevant in search results.  When the spider or robot find this relevant information, they report back to the search engine.  Think of this information as “food”.




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