Websites are always a work in progress…

The Internet is an environment that changes daily, and a website needs to adapt to survive in this evolving world.  There is one guarantee with your website… it will need to have changes made.  It will need regular updates to keep it secure and avoid potential hacks.  Failure to keep your website updated will increase your cost and increase the difficulty of making changes later.

My website doesn’t have anything sensitive, why would somebody want to hack it? 

Hackers aren't just looking to steal information.  Here are some of the reasons for and results of a website being hacked…

  • A website being hacked for the purpose of routing spam.
  • Websites redirecting users to spam websites
  • A hacked website that visually displays spam content
  • Links added to the website to boost search rankings of other websites.
  • Delivering and expanding malware to install viruses on the website visitor’s computers.
  • A hacked website can get delisted from Google searches, or search results may contain a warning to visitors NOT to visit your website.

Any of these things could have a devastating affect on your business and its credibility.

What can you do?

Get your website up to date

The main reason that Joomla websites get hacked is because the website owners failed to keep their Joomla core installation or extension (component, module, or plugin) up to date.  Don’t ignore the notifications in your administrator control panel when it notifies you of an available update for Joomla or an extension.  Most updates can be as simple as a click of a button, as long as you don’t let it go too long.

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