by Eric Peterson

Maybe you know how to build a website, but have absolutely no clue how to create graphics. Eric Peterson can help with creative original graphic design or even update your existing graphics, giving them a breath of fresh air.

Or maybe you're starting up a new company and need a logo for your business card or fliers. Eric can create new eye catching graphics or put together a create flier or brochure ready for you to take to the printer.

Updated original graphic design by Eric Peterson Forest Lake Wyoming MN website design


If you're in need of a new logo, flier brochure design, business cards, or graphics for your company website, Eric Peterson can probably help. Eric Peterson, out of Wyoming, MN just north of Forest Lake in the Twin Cities creates graphic designs for businesses, organizations, and individuals.

To get an idea of what Eric Peterson can create, look at his portfolio of graphic design.

Call:  FL: (941) 208-2452;  MN: (651) 238-0245   

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