Mobile Friendly websites extend your client base to smartphone users

A new service for your Joomla powered website.

The beauty of effective website design.  Search engine optimized websites for businesses and organizations throughout the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, as the Gulf Coast communities from Tampa Bay to Ft. Myers by Englewood, FL artist, Eric Peterson.Now more than ever, it's important to make your website as easy as possible to navigate on mobile devices, like smartphones.  Larger, more simplified navigation, formated specifically for your customer's mobile device can vastly increase your target audience.

Based out of the Englewood, Florida, Eric Peterson now is offering mobile deployment of your Joomla powered website, whether it's the newer Joomla 3.9+ or the older, Joomla 2.5 platform. 

No need for additional hosting charges.  No additional monthly costs.  Update a page on your website, and the mobile version is automatically adjusted*. 

Your website will automatically detect a mobile device and switch to the mobile view.  Nothing more for you to do!


  • Easy to navigate mobile menu
  • Click to call
  • Click to email
  • Click to map and navigate
  • No additional hosting costs


Introductory Pricing:  $350 without e-commerce.  $500 with e-commerce.

In either case, it's only a one time charge for setup and deployment.

*Service available ONLY for Joomla powered websites.  Content pages with tables may need to be modified for mobile viewing.  Some features aren't available on Joomla 1.5 platforms.

Here are some live examples (visit them on your desktop, then on your smartphone...)

Want one?

Call:  FL: (941) 208-2452;  MN: (651) 238-0245   

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