Adding a Module to Content in Joomla!Adding a module to an article in Joomla! is a simple procedure.

For someone who's new to Joomla!, a module is a small application that adds functions or features to a website, and usually appears in a space around the perimeter of the website.  A menu is a module, as is a place to login to a website a module.  Other modules that come built in to a Joomla platform are latest news, polls, banner ads, featured articles, and more.  You can browse and download more modules for Joomla! websites at:

Sometimes it would be nice to be able to insert one of these modules into an article, adding more interactiveness to the article and freeing up space on the sides, bottom, or top of the website.

To do this...


Go to your module manager (located under the "Extensions" tab") and click on "New".  A list of available modules will pull up. 

Click on the module you'd like to add.

You'll need to give this module a name.  It won't matter if you set this module to display the name or not, as the name will not show in the article.

You will need to check the radio button or choose the drop down tab (depending on whether you're using Joomla 1.5 or 1.6) to publish it

You will then need to choose a "position".  The position decides where the module is going to be located on the website.  If I built the website template for you, the positions are usually pretty well marked, like "above content", "below content", "left, "right", etc..  You will also see some other positions... "user1", "user2", etc..  Choose one of the user positions, and remember which position you've chosen.

Now, go to the article you want to insert the module into (under the content tab, choose article manager, then choose the article).  Open the article and decide where you want the module positioned.  Let's just say we chose "user5" .
In that spot, enter the code :

Save your article and go look at your article on the website.  There it is!

Below is an example of a subscription module loaded using a user5 position on this website (like the subscription module in the left column of this site) in this article...

Here it is:


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