How to Fix Facebook Sharing Problem on Joomla 3.+

Trying to share your new article on your Joomla 3.+ installation to Facebook?  No image and no description in the Facebook sharing box (like below)?  

Share of Facebook with no image, no description, and no title.

I researched the problem, and every site that I found was referring to Facebook's "og tag" generation.  So I tried several Joomla extensions that would automatically generate og tags for the website.  Every one that I tried did just that.  I would install the extension, refresh the page I was looking at, view the page source, and there were the og tags, as promised.

I then tried sharing the page again, only to find the exact same results... no title, no image, no description.

I visited Facebooks Debugger at: , entered the URL I was trying to share, clicked "Debug", which brings up a new page, where I selected "Fetch New Scrape Information" (remember this paragraph).

I then tried sharing the page again, and still the same results... no title, no image, no description. 

Here's the easy fix...

  1. From your administration panel, go to System > Global Configuration > Click on the Server tab.  
  2. TURN OFF Gzip Page Compression
  3. Click "Save & Close"
  4. Now go to Facebook's Debugger page and repeat follow the debugger steps described above. (what this is doing is basically overwriting Facebook's cached memory to speed things up)
  5. Now try and share your link.  The Share on Facebook box should look similar to the image below, with Page Title, image (if there are any), and a description.

Share on Facebook window after fix

Hope this helps!





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