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Bringing website design for businesses and organizations in the Englewood / Port Charlotte Florida area to new levels of excellence.

Eric Peterson, an artist and website designer that attended college at Mankato State University where he obtained his BFA in the fine art of painting.  The same university where his dad taught business.Englewood Florida Joomla Website Design by Eric Peterson

After serving in the army during the First Gulf War as a Russian linguist in military intelligence, Eric developed a level of expertise with computers and started turning to the graphic arts as a means of artistic expression, then went on to set up one of the first dedicated internet sales departments for Luther Auto in the late 1990's.

Now, for over a decade, Eric combines his knowledge of computers, the Internet, marketing, online sales, and his artistic talents to create some of the most compelling and visible websites out there.  Now living in Englewood, Florida, Eric's Florida clients include Scott Novotny, a former Saturday Night Live writer in Sarasota, FL and National Restaurant Design out of Ft. Myers, FL.

A website that isn't found, is just a very expensive business card...

Many people don't think SEO (search engine optimization) is important. Some believe their site is visible, because when they Google their business name, it's right there.  If a potenial customer searches for the name of your business, they already know your business is there.  They just need contact information.  That's a business card. 

Find out how your business or organization in the Mankato, MN area can benefit  with a new Joomla powered website by Eric Peterson.  The beauty of effective website design.  Search engine optimized websites for businesses and organizations throughout the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, as well as the Mankato Key Cities in southern Minnesota by Wyoming, MN artist, Eric Peterson, just north of Forest Lake.

Simply put... you need your product or service and what it is that you offer potential clients to help your website rank in searches.  You need your website to help generate new clients and more business.

This is where I can help you...

Mankato, MN area businesses, churches, clubs, and organizations benefit from a quality, search engine optimized website, custom designed by MSU graduate, Eric Peterson.Eric Peterson specializes in building websites utilizing the award winning Joomla CMS (content management platform).  The keywords, page titles and descriptions, alternate text, and page content in Eric's websites, harmonize seamlessly to get the attention of search engine robots and spiders.  And, that's organic search engine optimization (SEO).  After all, what good is a great looking website, if it can't be found?

By the way, with small business being the meat and potatoes of Eric Peterson's website design services, they are priced to be affordable for the small business owner in along Florida's Gulf Coast.

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