The High School Gallery

by Eric Peterson

These works by Eric Peterson are acrylic on canvas paintings from his high school days at Stillwater Senior High in Stillwater, MN between 1973 and 1975.  Ok, they aren't great, but this is where I started as a kid.

In 2023, an old friend, Jay Semonick was visiting an old friend of his, Jake Jones and saw some paintings at Jake's place.  Jay recognized the artist's name and started instant messaging me.  It turned out that Jake was the son of an old friend of mine, Rory Jones.  When I was getting ready to leave for the Army (at 33 years old), I gave Rory some of my old artwork, as well as an untitled piece in the Hardedge Gallery.  I was stunned by the images that Jay sent me, displaying how well they'd been taken care of.

I want to thank Jay for remembering me and reaching out to to share these images with me.  And, I want to thank Rory and Jake for the care and respect that they've given these old paintings for over 30 years.  It humbles me as an artist to see these pieces of artwork.