The Hardedge Gallery

by Eric Peterson

These works by Eric Peterson are acrylic on canvas paintings ranging from 2ft x 4ft, a diptych of two 2ft x 4ft pieces, with many pieces in the 4ft x 4ft range.

Ever since high school, Eric was fascinated with hard edge acrylic designs.  Eric continued experimenting with this hard edge impressionism through the time that he was learning the Russian Language at the Presidio of Monterey, CA in the early 1990's.

VFRFK1 was left in the company offices of the Presidio after graduation in 1991.  VFRFK4 is now in a home in Germany (I know this because I received a phone call from a daughter who inherited it from her parents).

Most of the rest were lost by International Van Lines on our move to Florida in late 2019 with the few that made it suffering damage in the move.