A New Website for a New Company

Reliability 4 Life.  This incredible new company based out of South Carolina helps businesses and organizations increase efficiency and profitability by reducing mistakes in the workplace.  Founded by Tami Strong and Craig Clapper, with a strong focus on the healthcare industry, this website is built has some very compelling content and is a good resource for any business or organization.  

"During my career in safety and reliability, re-engineering organization's cultures, I found a way to heal, forgive others and myself.  Through my professional interactions with thousands of leaders and frontline members, I have observed the power of high reliability cultures to save lives and promote personal healing. Harm can occur in any setting. We need to promote access to life-saving skills beyond the workplace. By understanding and living reliably, we can reduce the harm and terrible consequences that impact us all. Ultimately, my personal experiences with loss have driven my passion for this "work". I believe that it can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. It is often the intangible, difficult to measure results that change organizational culture. " - Tami Strong

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